Delivering only authenticity, now and always

We have worked to respond to the trust placed in us by our customers as a company specializing in foods crafted by traditional methods and organic products. Now and in the future, we will continue to maintain an unchanging and consistent commitment to only delivering only authenticity.

Contributing to society by promoting Japan's traditional food culture to the world

Ever since our establishment, Mitoku has exported natural, organic and macrobiotic products. Our products are made with carefully selected ingredients, are entirely additive-free, and are produced using traditional unchanging artisan methods. In 1967, Mitoku's Founder, Akiyoshi Kazama, first met with Michio Kushi, the leader of the international macrobiotic movement. This meeting led to Mitoku's establishment (in 1968) and the beginning of our mission to source for exporting Japanese products of superb quality. Mitoku is an industry leader for organic agriculture and natural food products, providing our customers with exceptional items that do not make use of chemical or artificial production methods. We are also dedicated to meeting essential world standards on organic certification.

Protecting what should be and what is important

Mitoku selects only those products manufactured using traditional techniques.
Our miso (fermented soybean paste) is brewed in cedar barrels passed clown through generations, with every stage of the process carried out according to expert artisan knowledge. Our miso cannot be mass-produced like modern chemical and mechanical production techniques, however, each batch is checked and cared for by master brewers who are committed to producing premium quality miso.

Stay fair for people and the planet

Deforestation, global warming, sea pollution, the extinction of wildlife… our modern lifestyle may well be rich with material wealth, but it places an enormous burden on the natural environment. We provide consumers the opportunity to make choices that are kind to the natural environment and everything in it. We also offer a range of fair trade products.

Our Food Safety Policy

  1. We are committed to providing to our customers products which are guaranteed as being safe to eat, thereby aiming to achieve the greatest possible customer trust and satisfaction.
  2. We are committed to ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and legislation and to running a healthy and wholesome company with clear and appropriate social ethics.
  3. We are committed to introducing and providing our customers around the world with products that are safe, high quality, and can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind. We understand this commitment to be of the utmost importance to our corporate development and are dedicated to securing and maintaining food safety through the participation of each and every staff member.
  4. We are committed to listening carefully to the views of our customers and reflecting those views in our products. We also promise to be active in disclosing information to our customers and in engaging in corporate activities that serve to enhance the level of trust in our brand.
  5. We are committed to protecting the authentic taste and techniques of traditional Japan and to approaching our business from the viewpoint of our customers, in order that we might provide a stable and continuous supply of safe and superior quality products.

Our Commitments to Quality

In recent years, there has been growing interest among consumers about the safety of food. The safety-related demands on companies working with food are also becoming stricter. Wherever possible, we implement a framework that enables us to guarantee quality from the ingredients used upwards by engaging from the ingredient procurement stage and even auditing countries of production and distribution processes.

From the product development stage, we hold exhaustive discussions with our producers, paying close attention to multiple aspects right through to the production completion stage. This enables us to provide our customers with safe products that can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind.